When your coating must protect and be easy-to-clean for reduced maintenance and increased protection of industrial and commercial floors, walls, metal equipment and structural components, Corotech® enamels are up to the task. Whether you need high-heat protection, superior UV resistance, and/or a corrosion-preventative finish on metal, concrete, masonry, dry wall, even wood, there’s a Corotech® Maintenance & Equipment Enamel specifically designed to get the job done.

Alkyd Urethane Enamel

V200 product is a heavy-duty alkyd enamel intended for use on a wide variety of surfaces, both interior and exterior. The surface-tolerant formula sticks to surfaces that may be marginally prepared, and the exceptional flow and levelling provides a smooth, uniform finish. Made with our toughest alkyd resin, this paint stands up to mechanical and human abuse, while the urethane fortification adds gloss and colour retention in exterior spaces exposed to sunlight and rain.

Maintenance & Equipment Enamels

Rapid Dry Alkyd Enamel is a high-performance, quick-dry, rust-preventive shop enamel formulated for use on ferrous metal substrates. Rapid Dry Alkyd Enamel is excellent for use in shop application facilities in the fabrication market, and also is ideal for use in the industrial refurbishment market as an implement, dumpster, machinery, or construction enamel.

Silicone Alkyd High Heat is designed to protect steel that is exposed to heat ranges up to 425 °C (800 °F). This product exhibits excellent weathering, resists mild industrial chemicals and moisture and is specific to industrial use.

Quick Dry Alkyd Enamel

Quick Dry Alkyd Enamel is a high-performance, single-component, quick-dry, rust preventive enamel formulated for use on ferrous metal substrates. It provides corrosion resistance for both interior and exterior steel surfaces. Not recommended for non-ferrous metals such as galvanized, aluminum unless properly primed, Quick Dry Alkyd Enamel may be applied to new or properly prepared, rusted surfaces.

Waterborne Maintenance & Equipment Enamels

Acrylic DTM Gloss Enamel delivers superior resistance to moisture. This waterborne, all-acrylic finish can be applied direct-to-metal or over primer. The glossy surface is UV resistant, and special inhibitors in the formula prevent flash rusting when the finish is applied to ferrous metal.

Acrylic DTM Semi-Gloss Enamel is a tough waterborne acrylic enamel that fights rust on metal and provides a smooth, durable finish on wood, drywall and masonry substrates. A special inhibitor in the formula prevents flash rust when applied to ferrous metal, and the smooth dry film is UV and moisture resistant.

This unique product provides epoxy toughness in a ready-to-use waterborne formula for walls, ceilings and trim (not ideal for floors). Low odour, low VOC and water cleanup make this product ideal for use in occupied areas. The cured film is scrubbable, resists water and common cleaning chemicals, and stands up to abrasion and marring. Excellent adhesion to many surfaces, including existing paint, drywall, primed masonry and primed metal. Available in Eggshell and Semi-Gloss

Quick-Dry Acrylic Spray DTM is an extremely durable, UV-resistant, modified-acrylic enamel that provides superior adhesion and maximum durability. Formulated for interior or exterior use on a variety of surfaces, including ferrous and non-ferrous metal, concrete, masonry, wood, and drywall. Quick-Dry Acrylic Spray DTM can also be used in dry-fall applications. Spray only application.