If you’re all about capturing that perfect, elegant shine, and the highest durability, then high-gloss paint finish is the best option for your application. High-gloss paints offer a 70 percent or higher reflectivity and are the easiest to clean when compared to semi-gloss, satin, eggshell and matte finishes. One of the major downsides to using high-gloss paints is nearly every imperfection in the wall will be highlighted by the sheen. In addition, areas susceptible to fingerprints should be coated in a high-gloss application over any other paint finish.

  • When Should You Use High-Gloss Paint High-gloss is perfect for high-traffic areas, and rooms in your home that will see constant and heavy use. The highest durability and longevity can be achieved through high-gloss. While an application of this highly reflective paint might show the imperfections in your wall or dirt build up, cleaning is extremely easy when compared to matte or eggshell finishes.

Where Should You Use High-Gloss Paint? High-gloss finishes are perfect for door trims, woodwork, molding, cabinets, kitchens, bathrooms and even outdoor applications. Since it is the most durable type of paint available, you can also count on the longevity of the application. If you plan on staying in your home for many years, consider the benefits of applying high-gloss paint to high-traffic areas that will see dirt and damage. Due to the highly reflective nature of the paint, hiring a professional to apply it is a better choice, as it is difficult to maintain an even coat. The imperfections of the application will be far more noticeable when compared with flat, eggshell, satin or even semi-gloss finishes.