Flat, or matte, finishes are excellent paint sheens for areas of the home that will not see a lot of dirt, or foot traffic. They have a 0 to 10 percent gloss.

  • When Should You Use Matte Paint? If you have pets or children, you may want to avoid a flat finish on the walls as it is the most difficult to clean. However, the nature of the paint sheen is to soak up the light, providing no reflectivity. This provides an excellent option to hide imperfections in your walls, and cover up the wall quickly. Because they have more pigment, they take less work to cover and are the most economical selection in covering large spaces in the home.
  • Where Should You Use Matte Paint? Matte finishes are best suited for areas such as ceilings, bedrooms, living room and dining rooms that do not see a lot of traffic or dirt.