What industrial or commercial surface protection or cleaning application do you need today? From coatings that arrest existing rust or improve the hardness and durability of epoxy finishes, to oil and grease cleaners; epoxy and urethane thinners; concrete and masonry etchers; and anti-slip coatings, Corotech®’s cleaning formulations, solvents and specialty products offer remarkable, high-performance solutions.

Clean & Prep

This specially formulated anti-slip aggregate is designed to elevate the foot or wheel on a damp or wet surface, permitting the water to escape instead of causing the foot or wheel to hydroplane.

Citrus Based Cleaner is an industrial strength, biodegradable, phosphate-free, emulsifying cleaner based on a natural citrus by-product. Cleans metals, masonry, painted surfaces, glass, upholstery, carpets, tile, plastics, and more.

Oil & Grease Emulsifier is designed for cleaning walls, floors and equipment. This cleaner is extremely effective in removing oil, grease, fats, blood and animal by-products. It may also be used for cleaning concrete, asphalt, vinyl, metal, plastic, fibreglass, etc.; it is also very effective for cleaning equipment, tools, brushes, rollers and spray equipment.

Concrete & Masonry Etcher is used for removing laitance and etching concrete. This pre-treatment includes surfactants that provide better penetration for removing foreign materials and contaminates. It also contains extenders which give a more even etch over larger areas.

Solvents and Reducers

Alkyd Gloss and Hardness Catalyst speeds drying while producing a higher gloss and more corrosion resistance, as well as a harder enamel finish. Other benefits include increased solvent and chemical resistance.

Brushing Reducer is a blend of High Flash Naphtha and Mineral Spirits. Use this solvent to improve the brushing characteristics of single-component, solvent-based coatings.

Epoxy Thinner is a carefully balanced combination of the proper solvents for reducing catalyzed epoxy primers and finish coats.

Urethane Reducer is 100% butyl acetate for use in thinning catalyzed acrylic urethanes. Effective for cleaning equipment immediately after use as well. Do not use this product for cleaning synthetic brushes or rollers, as it will dissolve them.

Xylene is an aromatic solvent that can be used in numerous industrial coatings systems as a general thinner and clean-up solvent. Use to modify evaporation rates and improve dry. For effective cleaning of tools and equipment.


Rust Arrestor is a water-based, film-forming primer that chemically transforms rust, halting the corrosion process and enabling the surface to accept a topcoat. When applied over tightly adhering rust, it forms a black, protective film.