If you’re looking for a durable finish that can withstand a wide-range of environments, on a wide-range of surfaces, your search is over. Corotech®’s High-Performance Urethanes offer excellent gloss and colour retention in all kinds of outdoor climates, including direct sunlight, rain, snow and ice, and offers exceptional abrasion, chemical and solvent resistance inside and outside. There’s even a formulation to graffiti-proof your metal or masonry surfaces.

High Performance Urethanes

This coating is a one-component, high-solids, moisture-cured urethane intended for use on floors exposed to moderate to extreme conditions. It provides excellent abrasion, impact resistance and chemical resistance. Exposure to sunlight will cause yellowing.

This coating produces an extremely durable, chemical-resistant surface with the benefits of low odour and soap and water clean-up. Provides outstanding gloss retention and resists scratches and abrasion.

Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane

Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane is a multi-use, two-component urethane appropriate for use on both metal and masonry. This product provides excellent gloss and colour retention when used on exterior surfaces exposed to sunlight and rain, and the highly cross-linked formula provides superior abrasion, chemical, and solvent resistance. Due to these outstanding features, urethanes are often used as the final layer in a multi-layer system on steel or masonry. Gloss and Semi-gloss available,